14 April 2024

5 top tips for spending less while on holiday

We all know that money is tight for most people at the moment, but this doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy yourself. Going on holiday is one of the best ways to get away from the daily stresses and relax for a week or two, but the trouble is we all spend to spend so much when we get there. Costs can quickly add up, with meals out, drinks and activities meaning that we can spend hundreds without even trying! However, there are many ways to avoid rising costs, which means that you can still go on your dream holiday, including making use of discount vouchers. After booking reasonably priced accommodation with cheap flights just follow our 5 top tips to prevent you from going overboard on spending.

Find the Best Exchange Rates

By doing some research on travel money and exchange rates you can save yourself a lot of money. There are many options of where to get your foreign money from these days. Shop around for the best rates and to avoid having to pay for high commission fees. Also, investigate charges on your bank account – some banks do not charge you for using cash machines abroad so you could consider opening a new account to use on your stay.

Daily Budget

Thinking about how much money you have for each day and sticking to a budget is a great way of keeping in control of your finances whilst you are away. Keeping to your budget will mean that you have enough money to last you for the whole holiday and will mean that you are always thinking about how much you are actually spending. If you have had an expensive day then think about eating in one night or getting a takeaway instead of a fancy three-course meal.

Use Vouchers

Make sure that you take advantage of discount vouchers from sites like Groupon which will help you to save a lot of money on eating out. In the UK, there are restaurant vouchers from on all sorts of different types of food, including a Thai meal for 2 at Sabai Thai in Liverpool for just £11, or a luxury 8-course taster menu plus champagne cocktails for just £48 at the Juniper restaurant in Bristol. By shopping around you can easily find some great discounts.

Go Local

When you’re away, scout out the places that are frequented by locals rather than following all of the tourists. Not only will you sample the authentic atmosphere and great local dishes but you will also avoid paying the premiums charged in the touristy areas.

Buy Less Gifts

When you go to buy gifts, stop to think about why you are buying them. Are they something that the recipient would actually use or enjoy – so often people buy gifts that just get ignored at the back of a cupboard? When buying gifts, only buy them for people who would really appreciate them, or buy inexpensive gifts such as local sweets or foods. Talk to the whole family and consider scrapping gift buying altogether as it can be expensive to do every time.