29 May 2024

Cruising to London This Summer

There’s no better time of year than the summer to experience London in all its glory, when planning a trip. The weather can be unpredictable like Tim Henman winning Wimbledon but in fact London’s micro-climate tends to keep the city a degree of so warmer than the surrounding countryside- a blessing in the summer. Londoners in the summer start to think they are in a European capital, eating outside in restaurants and thronging pub pavements in Soho with a cold lager in hand. Even if you do hit a pitch of bad weather, there are just as many exciting activities to do indoors that can be fitted into a single visit. With the extensive transport system means you never have to be outside for too long! So what are you waiting for? London needed be making a dent in your wallet, there a plenty to do on a budget; you just need to be in the know!

The London Summer is a haven for music fans of all genres. Classical festivals include the world renowned Proms (www.bbc.co.uk/proms), with its legendary £5 ‘promenade’ tickets available you can hear Beethoven’s rippling crescendos at a price that won’t leave you out of pocket. The concerts are held at parks and venues in located in central London so it is always easy to travel too.  Every summer rock and dance music fans flock to London for a taster of the latest cutting edge music or to catch a glimpse of a legendary band, there’s no better place to experience it than London.  East London’s cool kids head down to Victoria Park Lovebox Weekender over a July weekend, with Shoreditch glasses a plenty this is a time for fashion to meet music and make melodies. Indoors, June is the month for the always excellent Meltdown at the Southbank Centre, with tickets usually starting from £5 on the door its worth getting down there early.

London restaurants are deliciously diverse. From cheap local restaurants to meals with a Michelin star, London restaurants always fit the bill. But unfortunately they are famously expensive when it comes to eating out, especially in restaurants in hip areas such as Soho, Knightsbridge and Convent Garden.  The most cost efficient way to eat at your favourite eatery is to purchase restaurants coupons or vouchers for excellent offers on dinning. We would recommend sites as Groupon (www.groupon.co.uk) and which has an excellent catalogue to available vouchers across London, so you can enjoy the best in London on your trip.